Facts About Lasers

Do you want to know some interesting facts about lasers? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Lasers are very important in many fields, and also lasers are very useful and laser tools are also getting popular day by day. Lasers are amazing and provide a lot of benefits but there are also some cool and interesting facts that a lot of people don’t know about lasers. So in this article, you will get a list of interesting facts about that might surprise you. So without wasting any moment, let’s jump into the facts.

1- Einstein Was Also Involved In Its Discovery

Everyone knows that Einstein is one of the greatest scientists of all time. He was a genius and he gave a lot of great theories and inventions to the world but do you know that Einstein was also involved in laser discovery. Stimulated emission is one of his theories and if it didn’t exist, then there would be lasers in the world. There are many other great theories and technologies in which he contributed. GPS and lasers are some examples.

2- They Are Grouped Into Different Classes

One of the most interesting facts about is that lasers are grouped into different classes and most of the people don’t know this. If you talk about the weakest lasers, then eye-safe are the weakest lasers and they are classified as level 1 lasers. Speaking of level, class 4 are the most powerful lasers and they are so powerful that they can even start a fire.

3- MASER Was The First Laser

Laser stands for light amplification by the stimulated emission radiation and most of the people know this, but what most people don’t know is that maser was actually the first laser. Maser stands for microwave amplification by the stimulated emission radiation. The main difference between maser and laser is that in maser, the microwave radiation is visible instead of the light that is given off. In 1964, its inventors won the Nobel Prize. Another interesting fact is that lasers were first used commercially in supermarkets barcode scanners in 1974.

4- Lasers Are Very Powerful

Generally, a lot of people may know that lasers are very powerful and there is nothing new in this but did you know that the strongest laser of the world has the power of a hydrogen bomb. In 1996, in a Californian lab, it was recorded that the strongest and powerful lasers were at 1.25 petawatts. The hardest natural substance is diamond and a laser can etch a number on it.


These were some of the facts that most of the people don’t know about lasers. There are also many more facts about lasers but these are some of the most fascinating and interesting. Though lasers are very popular and used for many purposes but a lot of people don’t know much about them. Hope this article will give you some useful information and you will get to know more about lasers.