Best Gelato Schools

You have opened an ice cream parlour but you are not happy with the quality of gelato that your manufacturer provides for you to sell to your customers. Where can you get a better product? The answer may lie in learning how to make your own gelato, and you can only do that if you go to the original masters of the craft in Italy. There are several schools that offer courses on how to make this particular treat, but you should be looking to get into the best – Gelato University. It is located in Anzola dell’Emilia, near Bologna and has been offering lessons for more than 20 years.
Getting into Gelato University doesn’t require you to pass any special exams – all you need to do is book a class, pay for it and you are in. Booking the class is the tricky part – you have to find a tour company that can secure you a position for the time of year that you want to visit Italy. The course duration varies – you can book a course that lasts only a few hours, a few days of if you lie, you can stay for a few weeks and become a proper master of the art of making gelato.
You will find several tour companies that offer clients the opportunity to get into Gelato University but you should be careful to book your trip with one that is reputable. The best ones offer their clients more than classes in gelato making – you can learn how to make different Italian cheeses, how to cure meats Italian style and you may even get a chance to go hunting for truffles.
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