Things That You Should Ask The Dog Walker in Bristol

If you are finding a good dog walker for your pet, then you need to do a lot of things before that. One of the most important things is to take an interview of several dog walkers and choose among them. It should be done in a similar manner in which you choose a baby sitter for your child. You need to ensure whether the dog is in safe hands. If you are unaware of the questions that you need to ask then below are some of the points that you need to discuss. You can post an advertisement in the newspaper or internet for dog walker wanted.

  1. The number of pets they walk with at a time- You should ask him about it. Most of the dog walkers in large cities take multiple dogs at a time. In some cases, dog walkers prefer to take one dog at one time. You might think about why it matters. It is so because your dog might not feel comfortable with other dogs. If your dog enjoys being with other dogs then it is very good as dogs should socialize with each other.
  2. Experience- It is very necessary for the dog walker to be experienced. You might think about why it is required. It is because it requires experience to control the dog if their temperament changes on the walk. Imagine, a bull mastiff losing his cool on the street. The dog walker must control dogs. Some might try to attack a cat on the road or sit on the road.
  3. The course of the walk- It is very necessary to know about the activities they offer your pet while walking. As dogs are curious, they need free time to explore things and sniff. If your dog wants to run, will the dog walker run along with him or will they just make the dog walk at a slow pace?
  4. Water while walking- You should ask the dog walker whether they offer water or not. Dogs might need a water break while walking.
  5. The temperament of dog walker- Make sure you check his temperament while they are interacting with the pet. Ask him about his favourite dog breed and the dog he owns. You should see whether he is compassionate and caring when interacting with the dog. Having a dog lover as a dog walker makes the process smooth. Your dog will not have to deal with a strict person. Bulldogs will not do something if they are physically made to do it but if you gently command them then they would do it. This is among the common traits present in the different breeds of a bulldog.
  6. The Certification of dog walker from a good Bristol Dog Walking company- You should make sure whether the dog walker is certified. Having a certified and trained dog walker ensures that the dog will be happy.
  7. Business Insurance- A dog walker of renowned Bristol dog walking company will surely have business insurance.
  8. Visiting the Vet- You should ask the dog walker of the dog walking company whether they will take your dog to vet. If something happens to your pet while walking then will they take them to vet? You should not feel while asking this question as it is all about the well being of your pet. Make sure that you put dog walker wanted.