What to Look for in an Online Chemistry Tutor

There are many teachers on the Internet who can teach you the basics of Chemistry. Besides, it is a pretty hard subject so nobody can blame you if you seek some help from someone who you don’t even know. Of course, you must take a load of candidates and whittle them down to a few. Besides, you are going to be seeing this person from time to time so better make sure you like the person. There are a few things you must certainly look for in an online chemistry tutor. First, better check if the person replies quickly to your messages. Whether it is by text, email or some other form of communication, the person should immediately respond. Yes, communication is important because you would not want an online chemistry tutor to be tutoring so many students that he takes an hour to reply to a simple Hello. No matter how good the tutor is, it won’t make any sense to have her teach you if she can’t reply fast enough. Good thing, you can immediately see if anything is happening from the beginning. If the tutor responds quickly to your inquiries at the start, you know you are going to be hiring somebody good.
Another thing to look for in an online chemistry tutor is she must have a good educational background. Not only that, she should have attended a bunch of seminars that are related to chemistry and teaching. Besides, why would you hire someone who probably knows less than you when it comes to Chemistry? It makes no sense because if that is the case then it would be better to not hire a tutor at all. Also, you must watch out for the attitude of the online chemistry tutor. She should not be teaching you just for the sake of earning extra income. You can tell if she would want to get the lesson over with. She should make sure you already understand the lesson even if you are having a hard time with it. She should have an equal amount of interest in it. There is no reason for her to end a lesson early especially if you are eager to learn more about the subject. Finally, the tutor should never make any excuses as to why she can’t teach you. There are times when she is sick but everything happens online anyways so that should be no problem.