Benefits Of An Air-To-Water Heat Pump

When you want to build sustainable earth and a planet that is as good for the coming generations as it is for you, the air to water heat pumps can be e a good measure and initiative. An air to water pump will transfer heat from the surroundings to water. The pump will transfer the heat from the outside air to the rooms of a house by using the radiators or an underfloor heating system. The heat pump can also heat the water that has been stored in the water cylinders/tanks and helps you obtain warm water for activating including bathing


The air to water heat pumps will trap the energy and heat in the air and will transfer it to a fluid and a heat exchanger element located inside the heat pump. When the temperature of the fluid increases, the heat gets transferred to water eventually. The important components of an air to water heat pump include:

OUTDOOR UNIT- traps the heat from the air and transfers it to the coolant (fluid).

COMPRESSOR- will increase the coolant temperature.

HEAT EXCHANGE MECHANISM- the coolant will transfer the heat to the water reserve tank.

Once the water is heated, it is circulated to the faucets and the radiators, while the cold water comes back to the water tank. The coolant also keeps moving between the outdoor unit and the compressor.


Leading companies are today offering air to water heat forms at more affordable prices. For instance, the new DAIKIN AIR TO WATER HEAT PUMPS offers some additional benefits over the other normal heat pumps. When compared to the traditional boilers, the air to water heat pumps may offer you benefits including:

● Fulfilment of all the hot water and heating needs.

● Five times greater efficiency when compared to the traditional boilers.

● Lesser consumption of energy and reduced carbon footprint.

● Better BER rating and higher value of the house.

● No further gas or oil bills.

There are also other benefits that the air to water pumps can offer you. These units do not make any noise. They are compact and hence can be adjusted in rather small spaces and along with your hot water tanks as well. The compact design of the pump ensures that minimum installation space is needed for installation. The new generation pumps have the features through which they can be integrated easily with the existing radiators and piping systems.

You can change your older systems and switch over to the more energy-efficient air to water heat pumps. There is no need to replace the entire system. The new features and capabilities of the air to water heating systems bring to you a world of benefits, and at a low cost. These pumps carry advanced inverter and heating technologies through which they can deliver a better and optimized performance time after time.


The air to water heat pumps is the demand of this generation as people across the world are looking for measures to save electricity and to adopt more sustainable ways for fulfilling their energy needs. Switching over to the air to water heat pumps from leading and reputed manufacturers makes both environmental and financial sense.