Wooden Sash Windows

Many people choose vinyl windows for their homes without stopping to think whether there are other better options available in the market. It is true – vinyl is cheap and can be used for sash windows, but it is important to consider other window making materials before you make up your mind about which one is best. One kind of window material that doesn’t get much consideration nowadays is wood – because vinyl is available and has been hyped as the best for sash windows it seems to be a very popular choice. As a discerning homeowner it is important to consider the benefits of installing wooden sash windows before you go off and buy vinyl. Here is what you get.
Giving your home a unique look is not easy especially if you live in an estate where all the properties have a uniform design. While vinyl is an excellent window material, it is not easy to use it to make your home look good. Wood, on the other hand, can be fashioned into any design you want and you can paint it in colours of your choice. What better way to ensure that your home is not just another property down the street?
Wood is a poor conductor of heat which makes it an excellent choice for windows in the UK where the weather gets very cold at certain times of the year. If you are tired of paying high bills to heat your home in the winter it is time to install wooden sash windows. Make sure that the glass panes are double glazed as it makes fo further savings and noise reduction.
Wood will last longer
So long as you take proper care of your wooden sash windows you can expect them to last a lifetime – longer than vinyl.
For Cambridge residents, the best company to contact for wooden sash windows is Salmons Bros. Limited. You can see why on their website, http://www.salmonsbros.co.uk/.