What Is Double Sided Craft Tape?

Double sided craft tape is double-sided adhesive tape made for paper. It consists of two layers – a sticky surface and a plastic backing to hold the adhesive in place, so it doesn’t stick to anything that you don’t want it to stick to. The tape can be easily removed without damaging the paper underneath.

What Is It Used For?

Since double-sided craft tape has double stick capability, it can be used for just about anything that has something smooth enough underneath to stick it to. If you need quick temporary bonding, double sided craft tape will do the trick! Just make sure not to leave any residue or peel too much off at once (if used on paper).

What Is The Usual Size Of A Roll?

The double sided craft tape is usually about 1/4″ (6mm) wide and comes in rolls.

Is It Good For Other Uses, Like Automotive Or Home Repair?

Yes, it can be used for those purposes, but double-sided craft tape used for crafts is expensive. Many other adhesives have double-stick capabilities that you can use instead – some examples would be liquid nails, Gorilla Glue, epoxy putty, etc. Remember that double-sided craft tape is great for paper, so if you want to use it on a more delicate material, find something else.

Different Brands Have Different Sizes And Durabilities

There are several double sided craft tape brands out there with different grades of double sickness. If you’re making a paper airplane, for example, you don’t need double sticky tape! A lesser brand will probably do the trick, for heavier duty applications, use an industrial double sided craft tape that’s stronger and more durable. It’ll be worth it in the end when you have to take your glued object apart.

How Long Will The Tape Last?

Double sided craft tape is most useful when used quickly, so it may not last very long depending on how often or what material is being taped down. You can store double sided craft tape in its original packaging so that it lasts longer if you plan on using it much later.

More Tips And Advice?

  • double-sided craft tape is much easier to work with when it’s warm
  • double-sided craft tape can be used on wood, metal, plastic, or glass, but you have to put something between the double stickiness and what you’re sticking it to else it won’t stick properly
  • avoid getting double-stick tape in your fingers – use tweezers instead! It’s not super sticky, but it’s better than nothing until you get rid of the glue.

Double sided tape is helpful for much more than arts and crafts. It works well for keeping blinds, lampshades, and valances in place when installing them on window frames without damaging the woodwork. If double sided craft tape isn’t available double-sided carpet tape can be used instead because both products are chemically formulated in the same way.

Another use double sided craft tape is in scrapbooking to create fun characters with paper hats by attaching separate pieces of colored felt with double sided tape. You can also attach small objects using double sided tape to the top of the page, so they won’t show through when you add photos or memorabilia beneath them.

Double-sided craft tape is an all-purpose adhesive solution that will help get your arts and crafts projects started.