Second hand paddock mower

Will a Second-hand Paddock Mower Work with You?
Managing a horse paddock system can be a daunting take, more so if you want to grow the feed in the enclosures. This is primarily because you may need to procure expensive implements to harvest the grass. One important machine that you need when your grass is ready for harvesting is the mower. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend extensively on the machine. You can procure a second-hand paddock mower from a trusted contractor and achieve effective grass harvesting results.
What to Expect from the Second-hand Mower
You need a paddock mower to cut excess foliage. They come in different sizes and so the contractor will assist you in finding the second-hand option that suits your paddock system. Other than helping you harvest the horse feed, the second-hand mower can be used to control weeds, especially in the vital stages of the grass growing period. This is to protect your animal friend from consuming something toxic. Other benefits that are attached to the mower include:
Improved pasture quality: Usually, the paddock mower keeps the grass in a vegetative state since it does not interfere with its growth. With paddock mowing, the grass does not reach its reproductive status, which means that what you harvest for the horses is nutritious and palatable.
Reduced patterns of grazing: Horses have a tendency to graze at specific sections (known as the lawns) and leave the other parcels (the ruff). Paddock mowing helps to eliminate these patterns of feeding by cutting the grass in the ruff parcels to look similar to the lawns.
The second-hand mower will work with you provided that you approach the right supplier. For example, if you are based in the UK, Cambridge area, you should consider giving Pro Ground Care a call. They have second-hand mowers that you can hire and also experts to consult.