Ladies diabetic slippers

How to Manage Neuropathy Complications Using Ladies Diabetic Slippers
Why is it important to take extra care of your feet’s health when you are diabetic? Well, the reason is a medical problem known as Neuropathy. This is a diabetes-related condition that makes your feet numb, tingle, irritant or weak. According to Diabetes experts, an increase in blood sugar level destroys the vessels and nerves of the feet. This translates to feeble, painful, and swollen feet. As a woman, Neuropathy may complicate your Diabetes. For example, you may have blisters and painful sores in numb regions without realizing since your feet are insensitive. The openings may also attract infection-causing bacteria.
What Should You Do?
Other than strictly controlling your sugar intake, it’s important to maintain foot hygiene. This involves wearing diabetes-tailored footwear. The ladies diabetic slippers are available on the market in different designs and sizes. The slippers are not a treatment solution for Diabetes but they can help you manage the Neuropathy complications. When worn daily, the footwear will relieve your pain and prevent swelling of the feet. Basically, with the slippers and other Diabetes management practices, you can live comfortably despite the condition.
Some of the available slippers for diabetic women are:
Shoe-style Slippers: These slippers have the designs of the regular women shoes. However, they have touches of comfort and warmth, and are thus suited for diabetic women with swollen shoes.
Fleece Lined Slippers: These designs are luxurious, lightweight, and comfortable. They are machine washable and great for older women.
Slipper Sandals: If you want an option that is outdoor-tailored, these are the slippers for you. Their soles are shock-resistant and thus great to use outside.
Other than the three mentioned designs, there are other ladies diabetic slippers on the market. For example, at Independence Limited UK, you can find the three designs plus others such as Soft-Grip Slippers, Comfylux Slippers, and Bootee Easy-Fit Slippers