How To Sell A Timeshare Without Getting Ripped Off

You enjoyed going out on vacations and enjoying everything that comes with it that include discounted theme park tickets, free meal and much more. As time goes by you find that youe now become a proud timeshare owner. You’ll enjoy the luxury and benefits that come along with being a timeshare owner. The tendency to follow a similar routine may bore others and some would think it’s time to change their lifestyles. Some lose interest quite easily and they don deem timeshare useful. Some are not comfortable meeting the yearly maintenance fees.

Regardless of the reason, think hard before you sell your timeshare. You need to embark on an important journey of finding a buyer who is willing to purchase your timeshare at your price. However, in most cases, this is not the case since it is hard to find a buyer who is willing to buy the property at a high price within a short period. Most of the times, timeshare owners spend more trying to use different tactics to help them make a sale but to no avail.

Below are some valuable tips to help you make the ideal choice.

Price your timeshare right

The timeshare market is price-driven and it is crucial to consider the price when you think of a resale. People who are interested in a resale are often current owners and are familiar with the market and ownership. Like-minded investors would guarantee to purchase your property for less. It’s true high-end destinations attract more rates but most will sell at half or less than the price they were initially acquired. You must strike a balance with paying the yearly fees and disposing of your property at a discount. Due to the market conditions, most owners prefer selling their timeshares at a discount rather than having to carry the burden of meeting expenses annually.

There are brilliant ways you could use to help you maximize the price of the timeshare. You could think of renting out your property to potential buyers. Prospects will want to see the property before they spend large sums of money to make the purchase. The industry uses a lot of money on discount tickets and free gifts just to attract potential buyers. The buyers need to enjoy the experience and renting out your property would give them a chance to influence their decision.

Choose the most suitable company

Choose a resale company wisely. There are brokers, timeshare brokers, and advertising companies. These agents perform the same function but the intentions and professionalism matter. The advantage of using a commission-free advertising company is that you can advertise at cheap outlets or use a priceless tool.

Find what you want

The first step in selling a timeshare is figuring out what you have. Do you have a point-based timeline? Can you use it every year or every two years? Dust off your document and read it carefully. Answer the following question and simply explain what you have in a timeshare broker or an advertising company. Knowledge creates power every time you act. When you know what you have, you gain more power in the sales process. Any company that can help you sell your program should know the answers to these questions.