How to Create and Maintain a Beautiful-Looking Lawn

Are you looking for a way to create and keep a beautiful lawn? There are practices that you can copy to enjoy a lovely-looking lawn. At UK Lawn Care, there are experts who are experienced in lawn maintenance. The professionals are able to help you learn how to create and maintain a healthy and attractive grass field.  According to the experts, this is how to create and keep a beautiful-looking lawn:

1. Healthy Fertilizer Application

You need to start with a starter fertilizer to help your planted grass grow. This is followed by a base feed fertilizer to provide the grass with extra nutrients. A foliar spray is better at this stage since the nutrients are directed to the plant system. The regime helps to make the grass healthier and disease resistant.

2. Selective Weed Control

Weeds are a serious threat to the health and sustainability of your lawn. If you cannot pluck the weeds, you should use a selective control spray. The chemical should be applied when the growth of the weeds is greatest.

3. Grass Disease Control

The commonest disease that affects laws is the Fusarium attack. It’s a fungal disease that can be controlled with a fungicide. The chemical is sprayed on the surface of the grass and it gets into the system to counter the fungal effect.

4. Expert Mowing

After you have done all the above three routines, your grass will grow healthily. The remaining thing is to shape the lawn as you prefer. The best height for home lawns is 19mm. This makes it lovely up close and at a distant.

Once your lawn is mowed and looking great, you’ll be expected to water, top dress, and aerate the grass routinely to ensure it stays beautiful for long. For expert advice on lawn maintenance, you should consider UK Lawn Care.