Frameless Glass

Why should you choose frameless glass doors for your bathroom? The use of frameless glass in bathrooms is becoming quite popular and you may be wondering why people choose it. There are two ways that you can do your shower – you can choose to install tiled walls and a shower curtain or you can choose frameless glass. In order to understand why people choose frameless glass, consider the following disadvantages of tiles and shower curtains:
• Shower curtains require a lot of work to keep clean. They start to develop mould and other slime after a while and you can either wash them or you can throw them out and get new ones.
• Tiles are not much different. You can buy the most expensive tiles but over time you will find that they require lots of maintenance – washing them requires scouring not to mention the amount of cleaning that goes into the grouting.
• If you look for are looking to create an elegant bathroom you will not get it by installing a shower curtain – not compared to the effect you can get with frameless glass. Frameless glass has an unbroken effect which allows the rest of the decor to stand out.
• Because of the amount of work that goes into maintaining an ordinary bathroom buyers are not willing to pay more. You may install expensive tiling but you will have a hard time convincing buyers that they should pay more. You will not have the same problem with frameless glass – people are willing to pay for the clear effect that it creates.
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