Evaporative water cooler

Factors to Consider in Selecting Evaporative water Cooler
Ensuring that your indoor environment is cool and comfortable during summer tends to be a frustrating and costly task. Evaporate water coolers provide an environmentally friendly, healthy and economical alternative to the traditional air conditioners. Here are some of the things you need to consider when looking for an evaporative water cooler.
Will the appliance be effective in a local climate?
Evaporative water coolers tend to be effective in areas of high temperatures. Additionally, they are effective during the hottest time of the due when the relative humidity drops below 50%. The appliances are always ineffective in warm and moist climate because of the higher humidity percentage in the atmosphere.
Are cooling expenses your concern?
The initial cost of the appliances is mostly less than other cooling devices because of its simple design that leads to easy maintenance and speedy installation. Additionally, energy consumption is limited to the pump and fans.
Is ecological effect a decision making aspect?
You will only need water, and the appliances don’t use toxic refrigerants such as ammonia and CFCs. Low power costs will lessen the carbon footprint of evaporative water coolers like other cooling techniques.
Is the additional humidity produced by evaporative cooler a problem?
These appliances tend to work effectively in dry environments where extra humidity can be helpful in enhancing comfort by averting dry eyes or skin also assist in alleviating allergies and asthma.
Can the apartment be ventilated during cooling?
Evaporative water coolers can’t work correctly with constantly exhausting the source of air from the conditioned region to the outside. This prevents the accumulation of moisture in the area. This implies that the appliances can be used while the doors and windows are open, unlike other standard air conditioners that work correctly on a closed space. The open ventilation needed by evaporative water coolers brings fresh air which eliminates the air pollutants and germs from the building.