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Etched name tags are metal tags that are marked with a mold release agent or acid. This marking method has been used to create designs on metals for decades and is considered one of the best marking methods if you want durable metal signs with markings that are less prone to damage. In addition to durability, engraving is also considered a great way to create a wide variety of badges, with uses ranging from industrial to commercial to artistic.

So that you can understand and see how versatile and useful engraving is when creating name tags, here are some of the types of metal tags that can be made with this particular marking method:

Badges – Whether it’s to reward people who have done great things at work or to remind retirees of their years of service, engraving is a great marking method. Name tags and engraved labels can be made from a variety of metals, but the common choice for these things is bronze or brass, largely due to the gold tint of these metals. You can usually find these panels attached to a wooden frame or base to give it a more attractive and elegant look.

Desktop Identification Tags – Etching is also one of the marking media used to create desktop identification tags, as this particular method creates elegant but difficult to deface marks. You will often see these panels attached to marble, wood, or even aluminum desktop name tag holders and secured with screws, rivets, or glue. This includes a person’s name, title, messages, and information about the desktop with that particular name tag. An example of those name tags you see all the time is the one that says “Concierge” and the one that says “Front Desk”, both used in the service industry.

Portraits: Did you know that you can create engraved metal portraits? Since this method of marking can produce highly detailed designs, it has been used by many people to create highly detailed and impressive portraits on metal plates and sheet metal. Metal etched portraits are often used as souvenirs and can be viewed in museums, organization offices, and the like. They are often hung in hallways, lobbies, and reception areas and can be viewed with information about the person depicted on the sheet and her reward with the portrait.


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