College Open Days

Sixth form colleges in the UK will be throwing open their doors for open days in the coming fall and as a parent whose child is about to go off to sixth form you may be asking yourself whether these events are actually worth attending. There are some parents who chose to ignore open days because they assume that these are nothing but public relations events where schools attempt to sell their services. College open days are important because they are your only way of knowing what awaits your child. You should not assume that just because you will be paying lots of money, or a school has an excellent reputation, that your child will thrive in it – you need to see for yourself to be sure.
Before you go for a college open day you should make sure that you have the right questions prepared. Talk to your child about expectations – what would they like to have when they get to school, and do they have any concerns that they would like addressed before they get there? It is a good idea to take your child along on the day of – not only will they get an idea of where they will be spending their time, it will also give them time to make the mental adjustments that are needed.
College open days are a good time to find out about the teachers in your child’s school and other support staff. Find out how they interact with students and whether they provide extra support when it is needed.
Make sure that you attend the college open day for the Cambridge College for Sixth Form Studies. They are one of the best in the UK and the college day is your opportunity to see what they have to offer. Find out more on their website,