Boarding School Form

You have to fill out a boarding school form and you are wondering whether there is a certain way you should go about this important activity. It is very important to fill out boarding school forms as accurately as possible because the details that you provide can determine whether or not your child will be admitted into the school that you have chosen. You may be tempted to exaggerate – you shouldn’t because if the school does a background check and they find out that you are not telling the truth they are unlikely to shortlist your child for the entrance exam.
As you fill out the boarding school form you should provide as much information as possible. This form will be a point of reference for the school in case of any problems so it should be informative. If your child has had problems in the past you should include in the section that is set aside for that. It doesn’t mean that your child will be excluded. Rather, the school will be aware of previous issues and they will know how to deal with them. You should also provide information about your child’s mental health. If they have been seeing a psychiatrist you should indicate it on the form so that they can continue to receive the same care when they are enrolled. The best boarding schools take mental health of students very seriously and they have someone on staff that students can talk to at any time. You should also be very clear on whether your child has a chronic illness that needs continuous treatment or whether they suffer any allergies.
The Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies is one of the best boarding schools and they have people available to help you fill out your forms. You can get in touch with them through their website,