Aircon installation Services

An air conditioner installation is a skilled job that should come with numerous warnings and safety guidelines. It can be extremely dangerous if done incorrectly, as the refrigerant used in most air conditioners contains a poisonous gas known as CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons). Because of this danger, only people who have been professionally trained should attempt any air conditioning installation.

A new air conditioner can be very costly. Luckily, there are methods to save some money when buying a new or used unit. There are many websites available that can help an individual find the best deals for their chosen brand of AC system while also providing ways to get rid of an old one. Some businesses will come out and pick up the old units free of charge.

Used units are cheaper than newer models due to depreciation, but they should still cost less than half of the original purchase price. Before investing in a new or used unit, individuals need to consider how much it will take to install this large piece of machinery instead of the old one being removed first. Labor costs will vary according to where the unit is being put in and any additional steps that need to be taken.

First, the individual needs to measure the available space for their new or used unit. This will help determine what size system they will need. If you are planning on installing a used aircon, ensure it looks like an adequate fit before buying it. Then make sure there is still enough room around it for moving parts and servicing purposes; this means enough space behind the unit (where cabling usually goes) as well as by its sides or front (if there is any manipulation required).

Next, ensure all power cords are long enough to reach their appropriate connections. Carefully shut off all electricity at breaker boxes; if you are not sure how then consult an electrician or person who is familiar with this area of expertise.

Cut out the baseboard around the aircon, taking care to remove any nails left behind which could puncture the hoses later on. At this time, install any sleeves or wraps for any cables that will be going through or near the aircon. Next, put in all necessary pieces where needed (if any extra holes are required for wiring purposes).

Now that everything is in proper order begin disassembling the old unit by first unplugging it and removing screws holding the front access panel on; this may require a screwdriver depending on how it was initially. Continue to take out screws holding the grill, disconnect hoses and cables from it, and remove any plastic casing.

Install the new unit in reverse order by putting all components where they go, tightening screws down firmly to hold them in place just right. Once the siding is back up over the unit again, reconnect cables and turn the the power supply back on. Test out the AC system to ensure it’s working right before putting everything else back together again, ensuring no screws are leftover inside the unit.

A decent company will offer aircon installation services throughout Perth. We are committed to providing quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. If you’re looking for ducted heating installation, refrigeration, cooling, or ventilation services, then contact us today.