Admissions counselor

Introduction: College admissions can be the most stressful time of a person’s high school career. Standing out among millions of other students is hard and very strenuous. But, there are companies out there designed to make this process easier for the child and the parents.
What is in this college applications process?
Firstly, you need to get a copy of your transcript so you are able to submit them to colleges, also your ACT/SAT score. You also need a top-notch essay to make yourself stand out as well as something else to make you stand out. Are you the leader of a club at your school? Did you win a national award for something? What is your rank in your class? How many people are in your class? Have you volunteered? These are all things that factor into your application. There is also the cost of applications as well as applying for financial aid.
But, firstly what is a college counselor?
Well, it is like a high school counselor but for college, but there are many differences. A high school counselor tracks the graduation requirements and your place on them, as well as getting letters of recommendation and doing the counselor letter of recommendation, sending official transcripts to colleges, picking extracurriculars, researching colleges, research financial aid, apply students for FAFSA, find and help students for scholarships and complete and send student’s applications. Guidance counselors are good resources, but, usually there is a 350 to 1 ratio of student to guidance counselor so make sure to schedule appointments!
A college counselor, on the other hand, works with your guidance counselor but does more in-depth work. Firstly, they find the school best fit for the students. Based on academics and professors, size and place, campus life, financial aid and loans. They also narrow down your list and choose which schools to focus your attention on. They create a tailored admissions strategy for each particular school. They also help you present yourself on the applications so you can stand out from the rest. Keeping college stress to a minimum is crucial for this process, and these counselors help with just that and coach you and your family through each step. They also choose which courses and tests to submit to college as well as which school to choose in the end.
College admission consultant  is a company, made in 1997, made to help students through the stressful time that is college applications. They are internationally known for helping families everywhere get through this process as an online college counselor. Danielle Arca is the leader of this company and she is known for her intuition and creativity to help uncover the gifts of the students in her program.
She does not believe in putting students into a premade formula or algorithm, rather their own to ensure they get accepted into college. She is ancient about finding the student’s right school and getting them into that school. One student’s review of the company was “I struggled in high school for many different reasons, but Danielle made an effort to shine a light on the things that I excelled in.”. This alone shows that Danielle and her services are very successful and can work for anyone that signs up for it.
Conclusion: Yes, college admissions time is super stressful. But, with just a little bit of help of college counselors, this process can be made easier. Danielle Arca is a very successful college counselor and her services can be found at: